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∗Note for those who attended an art show and interested in the large, framed prints with hand-painted mats... these prints are one of a kind and only available during shows. See Show schedule for next show appearance.

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My photo images ordered online are only available on canvas, which is stretched over a wooden frame.

• 12 x 12 and 12 x 18 available on specific images only. (The 12 x 18 size has unfinished sides and is recommended that this size be framed.).

• Other sizes have option of white or black sides. Framing canvas prints with white sides is discretional, select black sides only if not framing.

• The 12 x 12 prints require a custom size frame. All other canvas prints take standard frame sizes (although this depends on area where you live and availability to frame shops).

• Canvas prints are $40.00, unless special order (see below).

SPECIAL ORDER prints: These are the 16 x 20 or 16 x 24 sizes. These size options are only available for HDR images and photo paintings or sketches. To find which prints qualify for these sizes, look for HDR, Photo painting or Photo sketch under image title when viewing the larger version of images in the Galleries.
SPECIAL ORDER price: $200.00, plus shipping.

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